We walk during the night (8:00 pm – 4:00 am divided in two patrols), with or without rain – every night of the season (mid February until the end of September). You can support our local staff of our nesting beach projects by providing basic equipment for the field, conservation and research work with sea turtles.

We appreciate deeply your support donating some of the following supplies our equipment, all items are extremely useful to carry out our goals:

Latex gloves: These are essential for maintaining the best sanitary conditions for both, humans and sea turtles.

Red/white Headlamps: Every headlamp has to be waterproof and have a red light option to be use in the studies so it doesn’t disturb the sea turtles (sea turtles find it difficult to perceive red light).

Medium size backpack: Backpacks have to be black or in dark colors without reflectors so they aren´t seen by sea turtles and it doesn’t interrupt them.

Rite in the rain copier paper: Rainy conditions in Costa Rica require rain resistant materials for our data collection. This way we don’t lose information and are able to document our work, analyze important scientific information about the sea turtle populations, and of course the conservation efforts.

AA batteries Pack: Headlamps and a lot of other equipment used in our studies and daily work require batteries.

AAA batteries Pack: Headlamps and a lot of other equipment used in our studies and daily work require batteries.

Spring scale, Pesola: This type of scale helps us weight every baby turtle we find on the beaches to keep up records that can be used later on to make important decisions in favor of the maintaining of sea turtles and their habitats.

Vernier Caliper: With this instrument we measure the proportions of every tiny turtle. This helps us understand sea turtles better and make the best decisions regarding their needs.

Hobo, pendant temperature data loggers: The temperature data loggers help us keep track of the average temperature of the turtles we study. This way we learn about the changes they are going through and have better knowledge on what they need and how the environment is affecting them.

Hobo, pendant USB station cable: We require this station cable to download all the information the temperature data loggers collect, so it can be used is studies to find out about the lifestyles and characteristics of the sea turtles we are working to conserve.